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We all have things that we want to achieve in our lives — getting into the better shape, building a successful business, raising a wonderful family, winning a championship, and so on. But not everyone can get what they want. In fact, most people pretty much living in an average life and can’t achieve their goal, meanwhile 2 or 3% of people really achieve a high level of success and another percent reaches a decent level of success.

Many people did and yet some have already fallen off track. If you're one of the fallen, how can you get back into the groove in terms of making progress toward goals? As you can see from the screenshot above, one of our workshop participant has managed to get what he wants by combining E. SYUKUR method and brain mind activator that he has got from the previous SOLUSI SUPER SUKSES Workshop.

For a regular person, actuall there is a simple thing that actually you can do, and many people are just not aware of them, and consequently it's much harder for them to succeed.

What I’m going to share to you is a one little step that only a very few people take that as one of their method which help them to achieve 10-20% or more of their major goal they want to achieve

A few days ago, when i was doing some of my own research about cosmic energy, i was fascinated with why only some people has achieved their goal and other people didnt, eventhough they have a same amount of resources towards this, like books, motivational speaker records, and so on. So, how can they ended with a different result?

There are 3 categories of people. Some people who only get so motivated and then took an action for only a day or two and then they stop, while others took action and continue all the way they trough untill they achieve their goal. and the worst one is people who actually never took any action, eventhough they are so motivated and excited when they learning the content.

Something that became EVIDENCE to me was that people who took an action every single day WILL REACH THEIR GOALS MORE OFTEN than anybody else. and that one action is something that neuro scientist call as a cognitive priming. Cognitive priming means the people who learn how to prime their brain every single day to take the action that should take, the people who prime their brain to visualize the obstacles that are in the way of their goals and visualize them overcoming their obstacles because they’ve created a plan and thought about it in advance, are the one who achieve the goals in dreams that they said.

This simple action is all about setting a goal and then writing it down all of the obstacles that could come in your way for achieving that goal. So that you could have an obstacle around what you believe. It can be anything. For example, your relations with your business partner, dont have the knowledge or the skill that you need and more.

But if you have a goal and you write down the obstacles and then you use the powerfull amazing brain that you’ve got to visualize yourself meeting the obstacle and figuring out a way to overcome it, your brain starts to work in your advantage. It will starts to believe that you can actually achieve the goals and overcome the obstacles and then when you take some time to create a plan of what you can do today for lets say 5-10min to move towards your goals, so you start what i called a tiny habit. A tiny actionable habit everyday to works that goal!

Now you’ve got the goal, the obstacles, you have the outcome you want achieve by seeing yourself overcoming the obstacle and than if you create a short, small  where you take 10-20 time day to work achieving that goals, that is part of the goup it up plan to for being able to achieve your goals in dreams.

So, take a few moment and just write down one goals, your 3 or 5 obstacles that could come in your way and also write down what kind of outcomes that you want. After that, visualize yourself overcoming the obstacle by closing your eyes and just seeing that obstacles in front of you. Reaching that out! figure it out the problem and then visualize yourself getting “help”to achieve that goal.

Next, create your small plan tiny habit that you move towards by taking action everyday. This habit will give your brain all of the power that it needs in order to  help you figure out how to overcome the obstacles. The part of your brain which is starts getting activated is known as PREFONTAL LOBE CORTEX and when you activated this genius part of your brain, it’ll help you ro figure out on how to overcome your obstacles. So, every one of us who’s a goal achiever sets goal but only a very few people will think about the obstacles that are there and then overcoming it.

In order to become an amazing goal achiever, you have to accept the fact that there will be an obstacle so that you’ll need to prime your brain to recognize it and it simple. What you need to do is just set all of those on your mind first and back it up with a plan and guess what.... you will start to become a goal achiever instead of just somebody who said the goal.

Are you getting exhausted by your “possitive affirmation method” which has’nt lead you to anything? Being optimistic, visualizing and meditating and still haven’t achieved what you want? Well, there is a reason for that.

In order to communicate with the Universe, you must communicate in the right language as for helping you to reach any goal you have. SOLUSI SUPER SUKSES method could be the key to having the success, fulfilling and purpose-meaning life you’ve imagined for yourself all these years. It can be used by anyone, anywhere, at anytime for any thing.
Once you mastering our method, imagine a life of no limits. No longer being concerned about things that normally would have dragged you down. upset you or could even made you depressed or anxious. Imagine a life which is enlightning, uplifting, made your heart is opened to eveything that’s around you.

Our method will helps you to focus on things that matter most to you and bringing more and more of them into your life. From finding your dream job, discovering your soulmate, or anything in whatever area of you have imgained for yourself. You’ll finally be able to overcome the obstacles and circumstances that have ever hold you back.
If you interested with our methods, please dont be hesitated to contact us for a free consultation

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Dont forget about our vision, mision, and it will boost when we do neverending training to purify our system (body,mind,soul,spirit)

Subject: “Purify, Purify, Purify.” 

“Many of you are wondering about your purpose and why you are here. Those who are reading this message may be ‘waking up’ to a more expanded view of the universe and interested in knowing more about the particular journey for which they have ‘volunteered.’ Most are here for the intense experience of living a life on one of the most contrasting planets in the universe: Earth ( our homeworld right now ), ‘The wild west that puts you to the test.’ Your planet is known throughout the universe as a place where a soul can grow tremendously in a short period of time, but despite the lure of the accolades of wisdom, you must endure the intensity of emotions that come with life on a planet emerging from darkness and rebellion to one that is standing on the edge of enlightenment — a peculiar, dangerous, wonderful and most interesting ‘elementary school.’ 

“I address those brave souls who have come here to work for the welfare of the planet and who wish to remove another layer from the veil — to see more clearly the path of their particular mission. There is no magic wand that can be waved over your head to open you up to your purpose. You must seek out the healing knowledge in this realm and, to the degree in which you can understand, given the unique circumstance of your incarnation into time-space. You must then apply the knowledge by testing it in your experience to discern the value or utility of the information. 

“It is these intense emotions that I would like to speak about because they can be quite volatile and can often prevent you from seeing clearly the path of your mission. Having been born into these human vessels of flesh and blood, you have a human brain that runs on chemical fuel to power the decision-making processes and for the collection of experiential events that populate your consciousness and contribute to the ‘soul-ripening’ process. Not only is this volatile brain fuel difficult to control in the most ideal environment, but now you have to deal with the pollutants that contaminate that fuel by what you take into your body through the mouth, the ears and the eyes. 

“If you wish to lift another layer of the veil and tune into your purpose, you must ‘purify, purify, purify.’ Purify your energy is the essence of all the purify system. ; purify the information you hear and remove the ugliness of a confused world from your eyes. Become the observer and remove yourself from the drama that draws in fear. Fear is the single most dangerous emotion that clouds the vision and confuses the mind. Its activated our False Self ( ego, anger and desire ) The ‘veil’ is nothing more than a blanket of fear. As you peel off fear, all things become clear and you can then step into your purpose with courage and determination.

“Purification is the medicine for reducing the intensity of fear in your lives. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which leads to clarity of purpose. Clarity is needed when you sit in stillness and tap into the Infinite Source of all Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. The more your senses have been purified, the greater is your ability to absorb those godly attributes into the fabric of your soul and become like the One who IS. 

“Many of you volunteers have been drawn off path by the intensity of the emotional feedback and now need to refocus and recalibrate your minds to the mission at hand. This system, Earth,  needs you now at this critical nexus.”

“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.”

Jumat, 25 September 2015

The Way

Never underestimate your potential in matters spiritual. You are much more capable then you realize. Really now, you have not even left the starting gate on your long trek to Paradise. In this earth life you are merely laying the foundations of sincerity, faith and trust. 

“Consider yourself to be in a training camp, where all intensive training hurts. It is not always easy and you know very well how often you came close to quitting, to then get your second wind spurring you on for yet another mile. 

“So you learned that there are layers upon layers of endurance, waiting to be discovered and tapped into. Each time your faith and confidence in Me as your trainer grows a little stronger, until one day you realize that all the exercise, all the struggle, has given you the strength to carry on. Then you will be there to encourage others who are running the good race of faith beside you, also with faltering steps. 

There are invisible runners beside you to encourage you, but never forget that I, the greatest Trainer of all, lives right inside of you, to place hurdles in your path, but only because I have designed your training ground to get the best performance out of you.

Selasa, 22 September 2015


In life, it’s not the genetic guy who wins,
or the guy who has the most potential who wins.
It’s the person with great PERSEVERANCE who wins

You  guys find a fear, that fear will either create you or destroy you.

I love fear.
Reason why, behind every fear, there’s a person you wanna be.
Fear is self-impose.
Meaning it doesn’t exist.
You create it, you can destroy it too.
It’s an intangible.
If you face your fears guys, you’ll realize it’s not that big.
And once you face it, you’re gonna ‘my god, man. All these time I’ve been running from it.
You know, it’s so small.
If i just stay still, my god, not only did i faced it and I beat it back.
Energy never lost transfered. That negative energy. That fear is destroyed.

You always face the same question: is it possible for me to do this? YES it is possible, but the real question you should be asking yourself is « have you made the decision to do it ».

Everything is connected, your body then converts it you want to change your diet!

Take your courage in both hands and throw you!

Behind every fear that hides the person you want to become. 

A Worthy Goal – Part 2

“The goal of perfection is the greatest aspiration for a human life, but it is not easily attained. It will take ages to achieve it. However, it should be greatly motivating to consider that for a highly consciousnes creature, each little step you take in this world is a giant step in eternity and that what you learn here has repercussions beyond your imagination in the next worlds. Once the purpose of life is clear in your mind, choosing which path to take becomes an easier task.

“What will you do with your life from now on? Search for perfection. Strive to be increasingly more like your GOD, following the living example provided by the Master Jesus of Nazareth or Master Muhammad or Master Buddha ? Try to fill your mind only with truth, beauty and goodness. This will overcome and destroy everything that may represent an obstacle to your eventual fusion. This decision will be registered by your GOD SPARK Within and thus you will start working together on the plan of your GOD.

“This is a worthy goal, but is it feasible in your life? It is! Striving for perfection is leaving behind all selfishness, which results in better relationships with your neighbors. Striving for perfection means an increasingly clearer understanding of love, which is the energy that sustains the universe. This love, as you let it permeate your life, will extend to other areas and the result will be the desire to give the best of yourself to others. This will create more united families, with children who grow in the best of environments as they forge strong personalities and are better prepared to face the challenges of life and to start growing in spirit. The search for excellence will make you better in your work and in your society, yielding many benefits.

“The goal is perfection — to be more like our GOD. This is what’s best for you, for humanity, for your world and for the entire creation. The results are the fruits of spirit and the development of a personality that becomes eternal by joining forever with a Divine Fragment. This should be the goal and the desire of your life from now on. Nothing else is more important.”

Senin, 21 September 2015

A Worthy Goal — Part 1

“Your goals and your materialistic dreams seldom have something to do with what truly brings you satisfaction. This is the reason why many among you fall in the trap of endless accumulation and always wanting more. Material things never satisfy your spirit and the void you feel sometimes is not caused by material needs. 

“When you realize that you already have everything you may ever need and that there is nothing out there that can increase your happiness or your satisfaction, you will begin to understand the illusion of material goals and desires. Maybe that idea of always wanting more is a marketing trick of those who make a living selling you things you don’t really need. For example, right now you drive an old car that works just fine. Sometimes you consider trading it for a newer model, a more elegant one, more luxurious, more expensive. But in the end, what would you gain? Your trip from home to work and back would not improve. You would not be more comfortable, more relaxed. You would not get there quicker. A new car would only be a waste of resources and time, because it would not add any real value to your life. How many among you change cars just because you want a different one? How many among you are in great financial debt chasing things that don’t help you at all? This analogy can be applied to many situations and many false human needs: a bigger house, a better neighborhood, a different city, a sexier body, a younger face, more money and more. 

There are always two parts of me, a part of the soul which is close to that which is Divine, and the soul that becomes a tools of living in a world of materialism. 
The two can not be separated and removed, I tried to keep him organized. So both could take leads to a Divine thing that is in me.

For me, life is a thing that I use to be able to mature both. Both of these are my soul. Counterfeit Soul and True Soul. 
These 2 layers of my soul will make me able to get the most valuable purpose in life

The #soul is placed in the #body like a rough diamond & must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear.

#masterkoepink #spiritual
#spirituality #life #love #divine_light

“Along your path of spiritual growth you will eventually realize that you already have it all — that you need nothing. Then the issue would be how to define worthy goals in your life. What dreams should you be chasing? What would deserve your life’s efforts? You may worry that this internal satisfaction would make you sluggish. If you are already satisfied with what you have, what motivation will you have to keep growing and progressing? 

“The purpose of life is not a secret. You come to this world to know your GOD Within You, to know His Will, or in other words, to understand His design for creation. This is the first step. At the beginning you will try to learn His Will in order to guide your decisions and actions. Later, once you are a little more enlightened, you will realize that all are participants in the design of the GOD Within You for creation and you decide to cooperate and work to achieve the eternal goals. Thus you become co-creators — those who in eternity will have contributed to the establishment of the universes in Light and Life — in perfection. At the same time, as you grow in the knowledge of God, a desire arises in you to be like Him and become perfect. This results in the complete identification with your Creator and the eventual fusion with His presence in you. Then you become like God and you make the dream of our GOD Within You for you a reality. Becoming increasingly perfect you perfect your universe as well. The search for perfection — to be like the GOD Within You — is the goal of every evolutionary creature in Creation. This is the goal to which you should dedicate your life.”

How to deal with negative people

Today on this article I would like to address a topic that I received a lot of questions on it...
and that’s is about how to deal with negative people...

Now that you should probably experienced when you spent time with positive, uplift, happy people, u usually sent to notice that you begin to feel more positive, empower yourself. But when you spent time with negative people, who always seem to criticize themselves, it could be difficult to maintain a positive attitude. As Mark Twain said, “Keep away form people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. “

So to help you creates a positive network around yourself that would help you to stay on your track and also could help you to achieving your goals, I would like to share my tips on how to remove a bad influence of negative people in your life.

There are two types of negative people:
1. someone who usually is pleasant to be around, but due to stress or a bad situation they're going through, their outlook on life is a bit negative for the time being, like when we woke up on the wrong side of the bed or when we have a bad day….. And that is normal.

2. people who are constantly negative and unpleasant day in and day out. The top of toxic person who always seems to be complaining about one thing or another. But despite your support, your encouragement or your advise, they really didn’t do anything to change the situation (aka THE LOSER).

So, here are 4 steps that you can follow to make sure you avoid this:

a.  Detoxing your life from the influence of negative people is to identify who these people are. Friends, family member, co-worker, is there any one on your circle that you feel consistently negative influence on your life? Write his name down. After that we can go to second step

b.  Do what you can to minimize the amount of time that you spend with these people. At first you might think that this act a little bit harsh. But, here’s something important to keep in mind: YOU AND YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR  ATTITUDE AND YOUR ENERGY. If you're not feeling good about yourself or whatever reason, it's your own responsibility to do something to change that and choosing your network a little more carefully is one of the bast way that you can do. Now, one of these negative people happen to be a friend or friend of a friend for example, it's pretty easy to  limit the amount of time you spent with him/her. But it can be a little tricky to cut 'em out, if this is happen with one of your family member. One way to minimize the amount of time that you spend with them is to follow what I call the 80/20 rule. Aim to spend about 80% of your time with positively charge happy people to actually leave your feeling inspired and empowered and just 20% of your time with those people that you feel close to you that “negative aura” could energetically draining you. This  bring you to step 3 which is,

c. Release yourself from feeling guilty for making this important and powerful choice to spend less time with them. Rather than feel bad and not being there for others and letting another down by taking this approach, remember there is up to your to take charge of your life and your well being. No one else will do it for you. Well, its compassionate to give your time and your energy for others, keep in mind that  there is nothing enlighten about throwing yourself under the bus just for the shake of making someone else better. So be good to yourself.

d. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you, support your ambitions and encourage you to go after what's important to you. Now you may already some of this people in your life and if you don’t, do what you can to make them. Accept invitation to go out to new places while you might make new positively charge people, encourage people to improve their confidence or speaking ability and etc. surrounding yourself with positive support people  system of people who truly want to prosper and succeed is vital/part of for your success when you countering any big and excited goal that you may accept for yourself, and I know it crucial for me.

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Kenalan dengan karakterku sendiri

Jika aku lihat ada yang berbeda dari karakter dan sikapku, maka aku akan mencari tantangan apa yang ada dalam pikiran dan jiwaku.

Salah satu yang kutemukan adalah ketidak puasanku terhadap sebuah hal akan mengakibatkan sikap dan karakterku berubah, tanpa sadar, aku akan suka mengeluh.

Ada banyak hal lain yang bisa aku dapatkan dari mempelajari sikap dan karakter ku sendiri.

#masterkoepink #kenalansamadirisendiri

Senin, 07 September 2015

The divine influence for our character

“How about a reminder of some things we talked about in the past? The divine influence — the possibility of conversing with your GODSPARK(GS) — is available to all. It is not a conversation in the traditional sense, in which your personality communicates with a third person. It is rather an internal communication, because the presence of the GS is a part of your being, that will be fused with you in eternity, thus forming a new perfected being.

“How might you converse with your divine self — your inner Teacher? There is a plethora of ways. One is by writing — as your are doing now — focusing your intent on drawing the best from your thoughts and your wisdom. Another way is simulating a dialog, where you can pronounce the words or do it mentally. Almost all mortals have experieced this internal dialog in some fashion. Another way to receive answers from the GS is by asking — praying — and waiting. A question to the Father never remains unanswered. The realizations that are placed in your mind by your Tought Adjuster may become available to you when you read a book, or hear some particular words. Then you will feel as if your are ‘remembering’ something, but in reality it would be an idea that was placed in your mind by the Divine Presence. 

“Maybe you will not be able to experience a direct conversation, but the communication with the GS is possible and it occurs only when His children desire it. With practice you will learn to better identify these messages, making the communication more effective. Again, this is avaliable for all human beings with a normal mind. Every one of you reading these worlds is able of communicating with your Celestial GS. 

“Are there limits about the subjects for conversation? There are no limits. An understanding parent never denies answers to the questions of his children, even when they appear foolish from the point of view of a higher wisdom. However, some answers will necessarily have to wait until the experiences of life have readied your mind to understand. 

“It is in the mortal mind where all the experiences are consolidated and where reality is established. If you believe that you can talk with your GS you open yourself to that possibility and you will create that reality in your life. Remember the attributes of your GS. All His messages will be expressions of love, with the attributes of truth, beauty and goodness. His words are universal and His advice applicable to all beings in all worlds. Nothing selfish or deceiving may come from your GS. This is the key to not being deceived by the frequent selfish impulses of your mortal mind. 

“Truth, Beauty and Goodness are the attributes of everything that comes from the Creator. They will also be the attributes of all the expressions of your being in eternity once you have overcome all trials and left behind all confusion, for you have committed yourself to perfection and love

Rabu, 02 September 2015


“Today, my friends, we would like for you to focus on the single most important concern you have that would improve the quality of life either for yourself or for others. Take that thought, concern or situation that needs improvement and bring it into quiet contemplation. Here is where the co-creative process begins and you will use this co-creative power that has been given you to develop the ‘idea’ of this seedling thought and see it mature and grow into a vibrant reality. As children of the Creator Father, you have the power to do this. Timing, however, you must surrender to faith and know that what you ask shall be answered according to the highest good and for the greater progress of the Great Plan. 

“The most difficult thing for you to understand is: ‘What is the highest good?’ The highest good is always that which shall result in a more perfected state of being. As each of you becomes more perfected, the result is progress toward the completion of the Great Plan. ‘What is the Great Plan?’ The Great Plan is the relative perfection and completion of all beings and systems in the time-space universes. Everything is in motion and all beings that are participating in the Great Plan are working toward that goal. You, being under the veil of the material world, do not clearly see this; yet as you become more aware of your purpose, you feel the gravity of this Great Plan and the desire to contribute in your own unique way and with your own unique ideas. 

“And so with this ‘top-level’ view of the Great Plan in mind, see your own thoughts, concerns or situations as having a purpose in the plan. Realize that even in the struggle to overcome some challenge in life, there is a lesson there that shall bring you to a place of greater understanding where you can glean the wisdom thereof and use it to develop your own idea for the progress of that Great Plan. You are like a tiny drop of water, yet as each of you come together and contribute your unique ideas and use the wisdom gleaned from the lessons of life, you create a mighty force that can move mountains. Your contribution is significant and is valued by all personalities who work toward the goal of the Great Plan. 

“Bring now your thoughts, concerns, or situations into quiet contemplation and hold these thoughts out in front of you in your left hand. See it animated as if in a small glass sphere of tiny actors on a stage. See the problem or the people involved in the situation and imagine it being played out to a more perfected conclusion where the highest good is served for you and others. Let your mind open to all possibilities, options and possible outcomes. 

“Now hold the Great Plan in your right hand and see it as a large blazing orb of white light. Bring your hands together and allow the blazing light of the Great Plan to shine into the glass sphere that contains your desire, concern or situation. Watch as the light shines into the glass sphere and illuminates the one single greatest idea. 

“Let that unique idea be the only play on the stage and let it now be absorbed into the light of the Great Plan. Imagine the Great Plan now that contains your idea move into your heart space and feel it enter into your chest. Feel it radiate to every cell in your body with loving vibrations. Because you are a part of this Great Plan now, you shall be the change you want to see and can now work to bring that idea into reality. Go now and do the Will of the Creator, for this idea is your work to fulfill! 

I Feel this Live is Not Suck!!

i feel not comfortable this morning, and i know thats come from my EGO

“In time you will find answers to some seemingly hard to heal illnesses because you are evolutionary beings always trying to discover the whys and wherefores of life. Should I be given permission by my superiors, I would most gladly assist your capable researchers in isolating causes and finding remedies to the near countless infirmities that plague you, but this is rarely allowed. 

“This after-hours get-together in your home was planned because of a need — a need to spell out what has been mentioned before, but scarcely was taken to heart. It is about meditation, yes, guided meditation, also. To get involved with meditation you need a number of essential things. First of all you need a quiet place where you will feel at ease. By the side of a busy highway is … probably not the right place. 

“You need a tranquil mind, thus leaving your doubts, fears and worries at the door. You need assistance — there is no meditation without spiritual involvement. Let this be clear: your angels are by your side always. Your Thought Adjuster is ready before you are. Any number of other celestials will be noting the light you will emit as you turn inwards. The light’s intensity tells us a whole number of things. 

“Make sure you are comfortable, make sure you are warm enough, but make absolutely certain you have the dedication — the best of reasons to be in meditation. Are you going to send Energy  to some unfortunate friend or stranger? Better learn it first or practice it on your dog or cat. If they like you fussing over them in this way, you may well be halfway home to being a healer. 
yeah,... feel whant to get out and let go all my atribute and just want to take care of myself

alright,...come on man, you can get up!!! just be ME, okay, i will taking care of you if you be my hand to taking care of all