Wednesday, 7 March 2012

All CD sales on hold

Please note, for now all sales of the CD book are on hold, at the wishes of the RIANZ.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

The paperback book 1966-2006 is still available, and you can contact me directly regarding sales for this.


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ordering the book

If you wish the order the book version of the Complete New Zealand Music Charts, please e-mail me directly, as the link to purchase them does not work.
You will need a paypal account, and you must inform me of your mailing address so I can send the book to you.

Thank you.


Friday, 17 February 2012


The CD book is updated every year in January and is usually ready by early-mid February, depending on when the end of year sales chart is released - as this is usually the last thing I need to add.
At the moment I am looking at other formats for the book. But no matter which way I look at it, it is over 500 pages in length - a lot of information from several sources.

Also, for the time being, the DVD chart is not being published online, this one, as with the airplay chart are still being printed though, and I can only add this information when I have it, so here is hoping I can get it.

Latest news

Please remember, when you order a book or CD, I will need your address to send the book/CD to. I have had a number of sales where I have not had an address to send them to, and this is not good for you or me.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Best selling albums

I hope eventually to be able to publish a reasonably accurate list of the best selling albums in New Zealand.
I say reasonably accurate as there are quite a few albums for which complete sales figures are unknown.

The Best Of ABBA.
In 1976 this album sold 200,000+, this is fact. by the end of 1977 it had been awarded 18xPlatinum discs, this is facts. in 1977/78 Platinum was equal to 20,000 copies, this is fact. Therefore we know that this album sold over 360,000 copies by the end of 1977.
This album was still on general release until 1989, and released as a CD. It is quite possible that the sales figure for this album reached 400,000.
Arrival - ABBA
In 1976 this album sold 145,000+, this is fact. During 1977 it outsold The Best Of ABBA, which had sold around 160,000 (this included the Christmas periods of 1976 and 1977). This puts the sales figure over 300,000. It was on general release until 1983 when Universal (Polydor at the time) took over ABBA's catalogue, in those 6 years, it is quite possible the album sold another platinum (15,000) copies. It had also sold about Gold (7,500) with Universal. This could easily place the sales figure at about 325,000. But this is only an estimate.

Rumours - Fleetwood Mac
an Ex-employee of Warner informed me that this album had sold about 10xplatinum in the 70s, this is highly likely. The figure I have is for sales from the 80s, including CD. Altogether it is around 17xplatinum, therefore possible over 200,000.

Soundtrack - Grease
Soundtrack - Saturday Night Fever
These albums were released on RSO, then released through Polygram records, Polygram eventually became Polydor, which eventually became Universal. All vinyl sales for these albums have since been lost and therefore even an estimate on the sales figures of these albums is nigh impossible.
From 1990 onwards though, we do have figures.
Saturday Night Fever has sold about 1xPlatinum, and basically has not been a big seller since its release, which is quite normal for soundtracks.
Grease, on the other hand has sold about 9xPlatinum since the company became Polydor.
these two albums were #1 and #3 respectively for 1978.
The #2 album is: Bat Out Of Hell, which eventually sold over 17xplatinum, and is still going strong. But unlike the other two, it has continued to sell strongly throughout the years, it is one of the great classic albums of the 70s, and one of the biggest selling albums worldwide. therefore comparing sales figures of this classic album to the 2 soundtracks isn't plausible.

Elton John:
Don't Shoot Me, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Captain Fantastic, Greatest Hits.
unfortunately Festival records had no record for the sales of Elton John so anythign even resembling an estimated guess would be worthloess.
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was charting for over a year before our first album chart came into existance, and would have been at its peak when singles like: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road & Candle in The Wind were charting. Once the albums charts were up and running, this album spent over 100 weeks on the charts. Once Universal took over the rights to Elton John's DJM material, this album sold an additional 3xplatinum. But how much it sold on DJM is completely unknown.
his other major albums on DJM (Listed above) also have unknown sales figures, but each would be well over 3 or 4xPlatinum.

Olivia Newton-John
Greatest Hits, First Impressions
Like Elton John, this festival release was not found among the Festival sales figures, although unlike Elton, Olivia did have some figures found.
this album was one of the biggest sellers of 1975 and 1976, and continued to sell for years afterwards.

Neil Diamond
Hot August Night
MCA was originally its own label, then it was released through Warner, then it was released through BMG/Geffen, and now it is released through Universal.
This is another big selling album, which has sold copious amonts since its release in 1972, but what these sales figures are, no-one knows, or if they do, they haven't told me (As with the above figures). Although I have asked all companies for sales figure for what they have available.

I am sure there are many more albums with enough of a sales figure to place them among our top 100 albums of all time.

New updates for the CD book

I have added an extra file on information for the CD rom version of the book.

this includes bubbling under albums and singles, but ONLY for those acts that have already charted, AND for ALL New Zealand acts, regardless of whether of not they charted.
The albums listings include any relevant accreditations.
This includes the date the album first appeared on the listing, and how many weeks it spent there, regardless of how many times it entered, unless the entry is more than 6 months after the first entry. This also includes singles that did chart, but 4 or more months after the initial entry.

Also included in this file is all known airplay top 40 hits from 2005 onwards that did NOT chart on the regular top 50/40 singles. I will eventually try to go back further, this will take much time though.

finally, there is a listing of all accredited albums that did not chart. This is listed by artist. With many thanks to all record companies for their help in obtaining this information.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

CD Rom Version

If you would like to buy a copy of the CD Rom version of the book (See other entry for what this CD contains), and want to buy at the beginning of the year, here's a hint:
If you can wait for about a month, the CD will be updated with information from the previous year's chart, including all new certifications for older albums, as much cross referencing as I can find, as well as any new information that comes to light on artists.

IE: You want to buy an updated version of the CD Book in January, wait until February when the information will be up to date, this gives me time to add the information.